Capsule Tablet Counting n Filling Machine

Smart Counter

A.   Tabletop Tablet / Capsule Counting Machine : SMART COUNTER –


The Machine is design for accurate counting and bottle filling of all kinds of tablets and capsules.




·         PLC control system. Easy operation by Touch screen

·         Highly accurate Counting Speed : 600~1000 pcs/min

·         Flap Nozzle for Non-Stop counting

·         Dust Accumulating device enhance the counting accuracy

·         Japan made “ Keyence” high accuracy fiber sensor

·         Tool Free for counting all types tablets and capsules

·         Easy control variable counting speed

·         Memory slot for counting recall

·         Advanced stainless steel GMP design

·         Choice of funnel sizes to suit container neck

·         Easy manual adjustment of hopper




Speed                                600~1000 pcs/min

Tablet size                  :          5~16mm in diameter

Bottle size                          30~200mm in diameter

Accuracy                   :           0.1-0.2%

Power Supply                               Single Phase ,110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

Product Dimensions       (L)760mm (W)550mm(H)740mm

Capsule/ Tablet Counting & Amp Filling Machine

Adjustable filler : The filler can be elevated from 20 to 35 degrees to facilitate entry of every product into the disc holes. All contact parts are fabricated out of stainless steel.

Gear box and drive : A heavy duty gear box 50 to 1 ratio connected to a 3 phase ac 1 hp motor 1440 rpm with variable speed drive. The rpm of the disc varies from 3 to 7 depending upon the product.

Delivery chutes : Delivery chutes direct the product from the counting disc into telescoping stainless steel filler tubes of various sizes. For accurate filling, tubes and adaptors of various sizes are supplied to suit different containers. Special delivery chutes will be supplied for counting and filling capsules in narrow mouth container such as vials.

Dust removing vacuum system : Integrated with the filler, under the hopper is the vacuum system that provides a dust free passage of stocks to the containers. The system also gives efficient and smooth running of the disc when uncoated tablets are counted.

Large counting discs : A 36" dia disc on single fill model gives every leo the highest capacity. Each disc is custom designed and manufactured to meet your individual filling requirements. These exceptional machines are versatile enough to count coated/uncoated tablets, hard or soft gelatine capsules of any shape and size such as pearls, oblong and round capsules.
Technical Specifications

Packs Tablets Capsules
  • upto 1/2" dia upto 3/8" dia capsules "0" capsules 1,2,3,4,5
  • 1000's 5 fills per min 5 fills per min -5 fills per min
  • 500's 5 fills per min 10 fills per min 5 fills per min 10 fills per min
  • 250's 10 fills per min 15 fills per min 10 fills per min 15 fills per min
  • 100's 20 fills per min 25 fills per min 15 fills per min 20 fills per min
  • 50's 25 fills per min 30 fills per min 20 fills per min 30 fills per min
  • 20's 30 fills per min 30 fills per min 20 fills per min 30 fills per min

Pharmaceutical Machines

We are offering tablets counting attachment, tablets filling attachment. This attachment is suitable for counting and filling tablets and capsules in to bottles tins and poly bags etc. Change over one set of change parts to another and from one object shape to another can be done by any one in a few minutes. All parts coming in to contact with the object are either made of stainless steel, anodize aluminum, or fiber hylam for instant counting disc. Different types of interchangeable disc require as per tablets and capsules sizes. This unit is easily attachable for our both main unit.Counting & Filling Attachment For Tablets And Capsules
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